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Pre-Wash: Before using your new NoetZ gloves, make sure to give them a pre-wash and dry naturally using instructions below before you break them out for the first time! This will ensure you get the maximum grip for your use.

Washing Instructions: Wash by hand, no washers, no scrubbers. Using lukewarm water, not hot, immerse your gloves and continue to rinse the inside and outside. Using a very mild soap if any at all with no moisturizers is ok but not necessary; if you would like to use a soap, a glove specialty soap is suggested. If using soap, continue to rinse until all soap is out.

Drying: Gentle squeezing to remove water is ok, do not wring the glove as this may cause damage. A little water remaining is ok. Only air dry naturally. Do not ever (ever!) dry using direct sunlight, a dryer, hair dryer, heater or front of fire.

Playing: It is important to lightly dampen the palm foam before each use to activate the contact enhancing chemicals in the foam for better grip on the ball and help prevent the tearing of dry foam.


  • Washing gloves keeps them soft, comfortable, and restores grip.

  • Wash after every training and/or game as soon as you can.

  • When drying try rolling up a newspaper and placing this inside the glove. This will help keep the glove "open" and absorb any excess water. You could also help dry them by applying pressure with a towel before leaving to air naturally. 

  • Store your gloves properly; store them in a cool and reasonably moist environment. You do not want the area or your gloves to be wet however as this can cause bacteria and mold to grow which can damage the gloves. Also, allowing a glove to completely dry out and be left for long periods will cause latex to become dry and brittle. We recommend allowing them to dry overnight naturally before being placed in a Noetz glove wallet.

  • When storing your gloves don’t place them with palms together since they can stick together and rip when trying to separate.

  • Do not store your gloves for any length of time without having washed them first.

  • Always wet the palms before play to increase the contact grip of the palm foam.



  • Goalkeeping gloves should be slightly larger than hand size.

  • Fingers should not be touching the tip of the gloves! Generally 1/4" to 1/2" over the end of your fingertip is optimal.

  • If you don't have a local soccer store to go try on a pair then here is are two common ways to determine the appropriate size.

    • Option 1: Measure the circumference of the widest part of the palm excluding the thumb. Round up to the next highest inch. Then add 1" to the measurement to determine your glove size.

    • Option 2: Measure the length of the hand from tip of the middle finger to the base of the large thumb area where the keeper's thumb meets the wrist. Round up to the next highest inch. Then add 1" to the measurement to determine your glove size.

Keepers come in all shapes and sizes with long and short fingers.  The above tips are only a guide to help you make an informed decision. If you need help figuring out the appropriate size we are here to answer any questions! When you email, please have the above measurements handy as well as the height and weight of the keeper.

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