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Adult sizes only. Come in pairs.


SolarDri Teknologie™: This German designed blend of 84% polyester, 14%
spandex, 6 % Rubber is field-proven to deliver breathable, moisture wicking
compression, for warm comfortable muscles that stay safe and strong

Sure-Grip For Any Sport: Tested by pros, the rubber infused inseam comfortably
stays put - so if you’re serious about Tennis, Golf, Soccer, Football, or recovering
from surgery, this sleeve will defend your muscles even under grueling conditions

Sport-Fit: This full arm sleeve is designed to compress tendons, ligaments and
muscles during intense activity, to curb inflammation and keep blood flowing, for
faster recoveries, fewer injuries, reduced muscle soreness, and less tissue pain

Skin Protection: Whether running the field, or a tackling an obstacle course, the
SolarDri high-impact fabric blocks 99.8% UVA and UVB, and curbs turf burns,
sunburns and even scratches, bites, and infections; so if you’re bold enough to
do it, NoetZ Force is tough enough to keep you protected


WHITE Unisex Bicep Compression Sleeves-solarDRI teknologie

Color: White
  • Use NoetZ Force Compression Sleeves for tough games and
    grueling workouts. Hans knows that proper blood flow flushes away the biochemical byproducts (like lactate) that come from hard workouts, which reduces inflammation and decreases muscle aches; so he developed this full arm sleeve to specifically support tendons and joints like an elbow brace, and to compress muscles to aid blood flow into working muscles.
    Hans developed the SolarDri Teknologie to properly without trapping heat (even in humid conditions). You may find yourself being more aggressive with faster reactions, even after rest periods. And with the Sure-Grip rubber infused top seam, you will enjoy a compression sleeve that stays put, even during competition.


    Also use these full arm sleeves to protect skin during other activities:
    such as mudding, football, and obstacle courses. You will enjoy the confidence of full UV protection, and how the tough SolarDri Teknologie guards your arms against turf burns, sunburns, bites and abrasions.
    Your NoetZ Force compression sleeves slide on easily. Simply roll down the
    large end of sleeve about half way, and then slide the sleeves on your arm to just above your wrist. Now, unroll the sleeve upward to cover your bicep area. This will ensure full-length compression and full arm coverage (also perfect for covering tattoos).

    If you consider yourself worthy of real protection, then these full length
    compression sleeves ship in pairs, so you can defend the muscles and tendons in both arms with field-proven NoetZ Force gear.

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