Palm: 4mm Contact Latex Foam

Cut: Hybrid Finger Palm

Backhand: 3mm Latex

Coverage: Extended Wrist Foam

Wrist: Elastic Band / Open Cut Cuff

Extra: Rubber Gel Pull Tab


- Open cut cuff for easy access and quick access.

- The 4mm Contact Latex is one of our highest quality latex and offers you

   secure and confident grip in Wet and Dry Conditions at the same time

   providing incredible shock absorption and a keen feel of the ball. The

   super sticky foam even requires that each glove comes with a protective

   plastic layer to keep the palms from sticking together

– REMEMBER to peel off the plastic before your first use!

- Extended Palms increase your overall gripping surface area. This covers

   an often neglected ball/wrist contact-point

- The Mesh is integrated into the design on the top of the thumb and the

   backhand boosting wrist flexibility with comfort around the wrist while

   allowing heat to escape minimizing sweat inside the glove

- Embossed foam on the fingers  as well as the backhand give the glove a

   professional look and make it easy for your fingers to feel natural

   movement during every catch

- The Elastic Adjustment Strap enables you to control how tight or how

   loose your glove will fit around your wrist and comes with a Large

   Rubber Grab Tab to avoid  touching the Velcro with the latex finger tips

YOZAKURA PRO Junior Sizes: 4-6

  • The YOZAKURA PRO with it’s innovative design of the revered cherry blossom tree. When the custom fit of this clean white glove wraps snug around your hands, it can connect you with inner qualities notoriously associated with the power of the cherry blossom tree; be braveindustrious and wise in your decision-making inside of the 18 yard box and most importantly, love the game and love the goalkeeper position.